Our founder has been a Timeshare Industry Leader and licensed realtor since 1969. Proud to have been the first timeshare broker on the internet, he revolutionized timeshare resales with the No Upfront Fee program.

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Welcome to VacationTimeshareAndRentals.com

We are a licensed real estate broker specializing in timeshare resales.

Is it important to deal with a licensed real estate broker?

Yes. Here is the simple concept:

Timeshare is real estate and should be treated as real estate and as real estate the consumer gains all the benefits and protections of an industry with regulatory oversight, even for the modest timeshare resale transaction.

When you buy or sell timeshare without a licensed real estate broker you are forfeiting valuable benefits and protections.

The timeshare market today is flooded with timeshares that are being sold not as real estate but as any old commodity like a salesman selling a pair of shoes. Such timeshares often have defective titles and the percentage of defective timeshares is rising as these unchecked timeshares pass from one owner to another.

If you get possession of one of these timeshare resales through a company which is not a licensed timeshare real estate broker, you do not have the protections which are automatically built in to the real estate industry. If the people only knew the extent of protection afforded through a licensed timeshare broker, they would not venture away.

Why involve your timeshare purchase with a non-licensed entity? A licensed timeshare resales broker can usually negotiate as good or better deal than the "shoe salesman", plus the broker has to do all the hard negotiating that no one likes to do anyway. And to top off the benefits for you, the licensed real estate broker is liable if your timeshare purchase is not as you contracted for.

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